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The Soundtrack

Need for Madness plays Mod tracks for its soundtrack.
The Mod format is a form of open source music that contains both the musical notes to be played and the samples (instruments) to be used.
The samples are stored in the form of small wav files while the notes are stored in text format. So the game basically creates the music itself from the notes and samples then plays it!
That is why the tracks used in the game are very small in size (downloads really fast) yet outputs long high quality sound.

All the tracks used in the game where originally discovered at ModArchive.org, big thanks to Modarchive.org introducing us to all those tracks and their composers!

Many of the tracks where remixed by us in order to match the game and its action better.

Soundtrack Details

Usage Original Track Remixed Track in the Game Composer of Original Track
NFM 2 Stage 1 ufo_tune Same track, not remixed. Nuke of Anarchy
NFM 2 Stage 2 ascender_-_overscan ascender_-_overscan_nfmMix Ascender (Andreas Bilke)
NFM 2 Stage 3 ability ability_nfmMix Style
NFM 2 Stage 4 einstein_-_music einstein_-_music_nfmMix Einstein
NFM 2 Stage 5 warez_by_night warez_by_night_nfmMix Andreas Veide
NFM 2 Stage 6 gina gina_nfmMix Mc Spicy
NFM 2 Stage 7 UPRISING UPRISING_nfmMix Major Tom
NFM 2 Stage 8 k7_game k7_game_nfmMix Buggs
NFM 2 Stage 9 a-chrome Same track, not remixed. Anonymous
NFM 2 Stage 10 fleshbrain-sauron fleshbrain-sauron_nfmMix Fleshbrain
NFM 2 Stage 11 hiredguns_static-05 hiredguns_static-05_nfmMix Mr.Young
NFM 2 Stage 12 winds winds_nfmMix Estrayk
NFM 2 Stage 13 popcorn-12 popcorn-12_nfmMix Anonymous
NFM 2 Stage 14 ultrabass ultrabass_nfmMix Phase
NFM 2 Stage 15 ektoplasmomatic ektoplasmomatic_nfmMix Neotron C
NFM 2 Stage 16 SHADOWRUN SHADOWRUN_nfmMix Purple Motion
NFM 2 Stage 17 family family_nfmMix DTE
NFM 1 Stage 1 lazerzad Same track, not remixed. Johan Carlsson
NFM 1 Stage 2 OCC-SAN Same track, not remixed. Anonymous
NFM 1 Stage 3 maleria Same track, not remixed. Baroque
NFM 1 Stage 4 panserbataljonen Same track, not remixed. Kenneth MAA
NFM 1 Stage 5 dance_inferno Same track, not remixed. Anonymous
NFM 1 Stage 6 paninaro Same track, not remixed. Japes
NFM 1 Stage 7 ice_mc ice_mc_nfmMix MAXIM
NFM 1 Stage 8 legend Same track, not remixed. Intelligence
NFM 1 Stage 9 EAGLES Same track, not remixed. Anonymous
NFM 1 Stage 10 ascender_-_paradise_city ascender_-_paradise_city_nfmMix Ascender (Andreas Bilke)
NFM 1 Stage 11 oberhmpw Same track, not remixed. Emax
NFM M Car & Stage Selection arcane arcane_nfmMix Anonymous
NFM 1 & 2 Car Selection dancefvr dancefvr_nfmMix Otis
NFM 2 Stage Selection red_dream red_dream_nfmMix Marshal Law

Some tracks get played in the game with a faster playback rate then their original rate.

To play these tracks outside the game you will need a player capable of playing ".mod" files. A commonly used and popular player that plays Mod formats at excellent quality (amongst many others including mainly MP3 formats) is Winamp.

To edit and create your own Mod tracks, a very good Mod composer/builder is the MODPlug Tracker. That is the program that was used to create the NFM remixes.

Thank you and enjoy listening!

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